Welcome to Wild Country Taxidermy

362 Main Street

Burr, Nebraska 68324


Welcome to Wild Country Taxidermy, where quality is our business.

Based out of the town of Burr in south Nebraska, we are owned and operated by Don Goracke, a nationally certified taxidermist with 40+ years of experience. We work with all kinds of wildlife, from river fish and big game to fascinating exotic animals.

Wild Country believes in doing taxidermy the right way, never skipping steps or taking shortcuts that could compromise the lifelike appearance and structure of your wildlife.

Our dedication to the proper methods ensures your animal will look the same when your grandkid’s grandkids inherit it.

Feel free to look around and explore our website. Here you will see our owner’s story and various galleries showcasing our work with game heads, birds and reptiles.

If you have any questions, we would love to talk with you.

You can reach us at 402-848-2316.
We are always ready to help our valued customers.